John Wayne Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator

John Wayne Celebrity Lookalike impersonator



The John Wayne Show is a fast moving 2-hour, fun filled Western-Country show about John Wayne, written by and told through anecdotes by him as JOHN WAYNE. Actor, author and the John Wayne look-alike and impersonator he has dedicated his career to keeping the image of John Wayne alive, appearing in Coors Light computerized commercials with the Duke; performing 12 years as John Wayne aboard Duke’s yacht, the “Wild Goose”. Appearing around the world as host and/or emcee and entertainer in corporate events, trade shows, parties, commercials, infomercials, movies and just about anything one could think of as John Wayne. The show is full of comedy and skits parodying John Wayne’s life. There is interaction with the audience and you just may be invited
onto the stage with him.

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